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Les Baux de Provence, Mas de Gourgonnier

Les Baux de Provence, Mas de Gourgonnier

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This storied domaine, run with passion and skill by Luc and Lucienne Cartier, has been farming and making wine organically for decades. Their gorgeous property in the beautiful countryside appellation of Les Baux de Provence yields powerful expressions of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan, and more not to mention olives (their oil is one of Frances finest), and incredible fruit and vegetables. Luc and Luciennes wines combine the richness and intensity of top Rhone or Bordeaux wines,  with a crystal-clear and unmistakable expression of Proven̤cal soil. They set themselves apart even further from the pack with the eye-grabbing rustic, squat bottle used for their unbelievably great-value red.


Dan's Review:

This is a really incredible red blend made from Grenache, Cabernet, Syrah, and Carignan from a small region in southern France. This wine is fruity with noticeable tannins, great earth, and a nice acidity. The real standout in drinking this wine comes from pairing it with a rich meat dish. When I had this wine over the holidays, it was with a penne bolognese made from lamb and beef. While the bolognese is an Italian dish, the flavor of the wine with this meal really created an incredible experience. Try it for yourself with family and friends- for a new wine drinker this is the perfect way to experience food and wine together.