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La Vieille Ferme

A pretty pale pink color with pastel undertones; fresh and very aromatic on the nose, it has a delicate bouquet with notes of red fruit (currants, cherries), and citrus. Fantastic balance between sweetness and acidity, and on sale for only $7.99

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Rob's Review

Shellfish and Rosé

You're not shelfish if you love great wine and food.  

Buy a bag or two of mussels, try to get those from Prince Edward Island.  Soak and clean the outside of the mussels and try to remove any strings of sea grass or loose barnacles.  Take a stock pot and in the bottom add olive oil, a fresh squeezed lemon and an inch or two of white wine. 

Try to use the same wine you will be drinking.  Add some whole garlic cloves, peeled of course, and a half bunch of fresh parsley.  
Remove the mussels from the water and inspect each mussel.  If the mussel is closed, toss it in the pot.  If the mussel is open and it will not close, toss it in the garbage.  Once all mussels are in the pot, drizzle with a little more olive oil and wine, add salt and the other half of the parsley bunch.  Close the lid and turn on the stove.  Peek inside the pot every few minutes, they will cook quick. 

When all of the mussels are open, they are done.  

Remove the mussels from the put with a slotted spoon, place in a large bowl, but leave most of the parsley in the pot or discard.  Drizzle some olive oil and salt over the mussels in the bowl and serve.

Buon Appetito! 

Following Along with our Featured Wine!

Enjoy our June wine, La Vieille Ferme!

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