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Finca Torremilanos “Montecastrillo” Ribera Del Duero

Ribera Del Duero is wine growing region in the northern plateaus of Spain, along the Duero river that produces exceptional red wines comprised mainly of the Tempranillo grape.

The nose is full of floral notes, earth and dark fruit. The palate is full of plum and dark berries with herbal undertones, the finish is long with a nice blend of tannins and acid with minerality 

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Rob's Review

Beef Stew

Ribera del Duero is an awesome simple region, producing wines that are simply delicious and go great with many meats.  This month we had Montecastrillo, produced by Torremilanos, with a hearty beef stew.  Stew can be made in so many different ways and is a very easy one pot meal and is perfect for cold winter days.  As is normally the case, these recipes don’t use exact measurements, think of this as more of a guideline….

Start with your beef, I prefer a chuck roast, it has great marbling or fat, which is what provides great flavor.  Cut your beef into bitesize cubes and brown them in the pot you will use for your stew, along with some onions.  Don’t cook the beef through, just brown the outside, then remove and place on the side.  Next saute’ carrots, celery, more onions and any other vegetables you desire, in a little olive oil and an entire bottle of red wine.  I used green beans and zucchini.  The wine will give off a lot of steam and the alcohol will cook off.  Once your veggies are just turning color, which means they are starting to soften, add potatoes, cut into bite size chunks, and the beef.  Mix well for a minute, then add broth.  Making your own is always best but if not, make sure you read ingredients, NO preservatives or chemicals or yeast extract!  Use beef and or vegetable broth. 

At this point let the pot get hot and begin to boil, add in sliced mushrooms and herbs.  You can use any herbs you desire, fresh or dried, and add a little hot pepper for flavor.  Turn down the heat to simmer and let go for a few hours.  If you want to thicken before serving you can use corn starch but a much better choice is arrow root flour.  Whisk while very slowly sprinkling into the stew. 

Serve with crusty bread and Montecastrillo by Finca Torremilanos, you will be so happy you did!  Buon appetito.  

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Drink up our fantastic February wine, Finca Torremilanos Montecastrillo!

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