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Taburno Falanghina

Crisp and fruity, this is an absolutley delightful wine! The falanghina grape can be tasted in perfect purity, with notes of almond blosssom, lemon, and fresh nectarine.  

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Rob's Review

Shrimp & Mussels Recipe

These are easy, so easy you will want to make them everyday.  Buy jumbo wild caught USA Gulf shrimp.  It is important to use USA Gulf waters, these are the best and safest.  DO NOT peel or clean, just wash the outsides in water and let dry.  In a small bowl combine fresh lemon juice and a little olive oil, whisk until think, then add a touch of Dijon mustard and mix well. 

Brush the shrimp lightly on all sides and place on a hot BBQ.  As soon as they start to curl, they are done, remove quickly so not to overcook.  Peel and eat and you can also leave some extra dressing for dipping. 

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Drink up our incredible August wine, Taburno Falanghina!

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