Rickshaw Pinot Noir

Over my past few blogs on Pinot Noir I have been going back and forth on expensive wines and cheap wines, here is a little something about a Pinot that I believe hits the sweet spot between price and pure pinosity.  Rickshaw Pinot Noir is probably my favorite Pinot that I could drink everyday, for the price is just right at $16.99 and the flavor is absolutely pure Sonoma Coast Pinot.    

The guys at Rickshaw source there Pinot Noir grapes from several vineyards to help keep the cost down, but they do a good job at finding great grapes.  Most are sourced from Sonoma Coast AVA and the rest from Mendocino.  They use a blend of classic and innovative winemaking techniques to turn the grapes into some great juice and then age that juice in small barriques, some new to give the finished wine great aromatics, flavor and structure.

Rickshaw Pinot Noir has a nice garnet color with fresh red a blue fruit on the nose.  Raspberry, cherry and pomegranate pop out on the palate, with just a touch of spice.  The finish is clean with refreshing acidity and very fine tannins to keep things inline.  

This fantastic Pinot Noir is the one that I recommend to all my friends and family if they are in the mood for Pinot.  It pairs well with all sorts of foods, from sushi to beef stew, or to sip on all by it’s lonesome while watching Sunday, or Saturday Football.    

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