P.V. Douro Tinto

As we continue to expand our selection, the wines of Portugal became a very apparent place that we had to go next.  Below is the first excerpt on an incredible Portuguese red.  Enjoy!

This is my first foray into wines from Portugal, and I’m sorry that it took me this long.  That statement isn’t entirely true, I have tried many Port wines from Portugal, but never a Douro Tinto table wine.  If you like dense, meaty, focused  wines than Douro Tinto is for you.   

Douro Tinto wines come from the Douro region in northern Portugal, named for the Douro river that runs from the border of Spain to the Atlantic.  The region is generally warm, arid and mountainous, the soil is rocky, predominantly schist with patches of granite.  This unique terroir helps create small crop yields with grapes of intense character.  Speaking of the grapes, there are over forty different indigenous varieties, the old vineyards were “field planted” with all of the different varietals mixed together.  In turn the Douro Tinto wines are a blend of all these different varietals.  

P.V. Douro Tinto is the brand I tried and it is magnificent.  This producer is fairly new, they began making wine in 2004, however they use traditional methods.  P.V. uses old vine “field planted” grapes picked by hand, and ferments them in stainless steel tanks, then ages the juice in seasoned oak barrels.  

This wine is beautiful on the nose with floral notes and dark fruit, with a nice earthy quality.  The flavor has nice dark fruit, with meaty tannins, and the finish is dry with more elegant tannins.  I would recommend pairing this wine with roasted meats or a hearty stew.  

Happy drinking,

Vino Vin

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