Springtime Wines

Below is Rob Accordino's latest article from the Southern Dutchess news, featuring spring wines.  You can read past bi-weekly articles in the Southern Dutchess news or on our blog.  

Springtime Wines

Springtime is upon us here in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The weather is finally warming up, the sun is starting to shine and the grass is turning green. It’s time to go hiking, have picnics, sit out by the lakes, and have barbecues by the pool. The question is, what wines to enjoy this time of year?

There are no right or wrong answers to this question. As always, you want to drink what you enjoy. Following are some of my suggestions that I believe are sure to please for all springtime activities.  

Spring is the time to fire up the barbecue and smoker, throw on a nice steak or pork shoulder and enjoy time with family and friends outside. My two favorite wines to pair with these meals are a nice Cotes du Rhone or a great Tempranillo. The fruit forward characteristic, medium body and earthy, herbal finish of a Cotes du Rhone pairs well with smoked meats. The bold fruit, big body, and earthy finish of a Tempranillo is sure to please with the heartiest of steaks. Both of these wines are also sure to please with an intimate evening with family or a big backyard barbecue bash this spring and summer, and both are great values that won’t break the bank.  

A little picnic by the lake is always a great way to spend a nice warm spring day. Pack a cooler with some cheese, crackers, cured meats and of course, a nice Rose. Rose wine has come a long way in the past several years. It is no longer the sugary sweet Roses that our parents had. Now they are made with a quality blend of grapes that give them a fruit- forward characteristic with structure and balance. They pair well with food and stand well on their own with refreshing, rich flavor.      

Now that the weather has warmed, going on a hike through Bowdoin Park is a great way to get rid of that cabin fever that set in over the winter. What better way to relax in the middle of your hike than to sip on a nice Riesling while overlooking the beautiful scenery below. The nice sweet refreshing fruit of a Riesling is sure to quench your thirst after all that hard work making your way up the trail. Just remember to transfer into a plastic bottle, use plastic cups and take everything with you. Carry in carry out, only leave your footprints behind.  

Finally, what better way to spend a warm, lazy spring day than sitting around the pool with friends sipping on wine. A Chardonnay featuring tropical fruits, such as mango, pineapple and banana with a clean crisp finish is sure to help you forget about the cold days of winter. Another crowd-pleaser in this situation would be a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, with hints of citrus, like grapefruit and lemon with a mineral driven, dry finish.

No matter what activities you enjoy as the cold days of winter are left behind, and the warm days of spring set in, a little wine with friends can enhance them all. Soon the hot, long, lazy days of summer will be here for us to relax and completely forget about the harsh winter we had to endure.  

Be sure to join us at Vino Vin on Saturday, May 9 from 2-6 p.m. for our Spring Wine Tasting. We will be featuring some of these wines and pairing them with food from the Hudson Valley Foodsmith.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.  

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