South American Cabs

I have always been a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon. What’s not to love about a big, well-structured and smooth drinking wine?

Some of my favorites come from Napa Valley, but they have become quite expensive.  They are great to enjoy for a special occasion, but for an everyday drinker, they are out of my price range.   

This led me to search for a Cab that I can pop open on a daily basis and enjoy.  The reasonably priced California Cabs just don’t do it for me. Washington State Cabs are good, but can get a little pricey for the great ones.  

So, on the recommendation of a close friend, who has been in the wine profession for 18 years, I tried a Cab from Chile and was blown away. I have since tried several different Cabs from Chile and Argentina, all in the $9-$15 price range, and I have been impressed almost every time.  

My favorite has been “Tres Palacios” Reserve. This wine displays nice fruit on the nose with hints of tobacco and earth. On the palate, it is smooth and supple with that great red fruit you first get on the nose, with a hint of pepper. The finish is long with well-rounded tannins and again that earthy note. It is a beautiful well-balanced wine, all for under $12.

The “Tres Palacios” vineyard is located in the Cholqui sector of the Maipo Valley in Chile. The Maipo River runs south of this valley and it is surrounded by a chain of hills to the north, south and east. The valley is open to the west, allowing influence from the Pacific Ocean, only 25 miles away.  This special terroir makes “Tres Palacios” a unique, easy drinking Cab.

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